“Dare to declare who you are… ” (Hildegard von Bingen; 1098-1179 CE)

My story

I began my academic life in the sciences and then completed a masters in theological studies before undertaking a masters in counselling psychology. I spent over a decade in Toronto and Vancouver in acute care, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, long-term care, and palliative care. 

I take an Adlerian orientation to counselling, and to that end I have been working towards the official Alderian certification (CAC) for counsellors. Relatively unknown here in Canada compared to its prevalence in many other countries, an Adlerian orientation is holistic and takes a positive approach to counselling. Please go to the Alfred Adler page for details.

For information on how being an Alderian-oriented therapist informs my case conceptualizations, please go to the For Therapists page.

I am in private practice coming to you from Vancouver, B.C.